Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Puppy-Girl Lila Update

I stole this photo from Angela's IG account. Thanks Angela!

Lila certainly is a Q-Teeeeeeee.

Apparently, little Lila is growing bigger by the minute and is having lots of fun wreaking havoc. She's a rumble tumble of energy I am told. But that is to be expected of a puppy. What's nice is that Bella (Angela adopted her from our rescue) and she play together a lot. Keeping them both busy. She also likes to jump into the water/pond feature of the backyard...and then run around to get the all kinds of dirt stuck to her.

Although Angela loves having her daughter back home in MA (from CA) and thinks this little girl is adorable, I think she might breath a sigh of relief when the two have found their own place and there are visits instead. Puppies are cute, but they are a lot of energy and a lot of work. It seems that having 3 dogs and two cats in the household is quite enough chaos, thank you very much. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I Had a Visitor

...and his name is Rex.

I didn't know his name was Rex when he showed up in my front yard. Little Bug was barking while looking out the window so I took a peek, and there was this handsome boy. I opened the door and invited him in. He was happy to come in for a visit. I put him out in the backyard and called the Police for Animal Control. He seemed pretty non-plussed about being at a stranger's house. 

A policman came and took him away, but not before asking if I would want him if they couldn't find his home. His tags were barely readable because it was obvious he enjoyed chomping on them. We could make out a town (which is 20 miles away from me) and a tag number. I definitely did not want him to be put down, so I said I would take him and find him a home. I told him I am involved in dog rescue and that actually, I have a friend's Aunt that is looking for a dog like Rex. I'm assuming they moved at some point to my town, but I do not know as no information was left with the card. 

So I how did I find out his name you ask? 

I went out to run some errands and came home to this beautiful bouquet and card on my doorstep. The card thanked me for taking care of Rex, then the Mom that penned the card, thanked me another three times. It was signed by her and her two daughters. Two dozen roses with a few that look like to be tropicals mixed in. This was intentional effort, time taken out to show appreciation. This dog is truly loved. I did what a person should do. That's all. I'm sure Rex was happy to see his family, I'm happy that they were reunited. My heart was deeply touched by their love for their dog, and the gift of a sweet thank you. 

Friday, October 10, 2014


I figured I'd come back on the scene by giving you a laugh....

this is what happens when you don't hang onto the cover of the blender when you're taking it off. It even reached behind the juicer into the back corner. Ugh. But, I can say in the spirit of the season, the color works. Unfortunately, this mix includes canned salmon (P.U.) and carrots, which makes extra work getting up the fibrous bits. I think inventing a mini wet/dry vac for the kitchen is in order. 

If you're wondering what the heck I could be making into puree with salmon and carrots that would taste good....wonder no more. It's not for the humans that live here, it's for this cute little canine. 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cutie Girl Lila

Look at this face!

photo courtesy PawVille Pups Rescue

My friend Angela's daughter, Anna, just adopted her from PawVille Pups Rescue in CA, where she lives. I've also seen a video and she seems to be a happy, sweet, easy going girl. I would eat her up on a regular basis. I think I'll stare at her photo all night. I want some puppy snuggles. 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Black Bears at Camp

The bears are hungry. 

One broke into the garbage shed two nights ago and made the hole -- pparently needing a little leverage as he left his left paw print behind. The next morning my neighbor woke up to find his outside refrigerator cockeyed and unplugged with a paw print on the side and a one point indent from its nail. Yesterday late afternoon the camp staff cleaned out the garbage shed but last night someone threw trash in there and the bears came back for some easy pickings. Although, some eggs were left behind. 

Other friends at a site further from us were sitting out on their deck and from around the corner of the camper a bear came into their site. Fortunately it doesn't take too much too scare them off. 

This morning, my neighbor across the street heard a noise and looked out the window as a bear made it's way across her site. 

When walking at night I mostly don't walk alone or if I absolutely have to, I have a bright flashlight. Nothing like the idea of not seeing a big black thing and walking right into it. Yup, could just be my very active imagination. I always ask R. to walk the dogs. It's dark up here in these woods. 

This keeps a buzz going on in the campground and some interesting stories being told. 

Welcome to camp! :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Nick the Miniature Schnauzer and His ESP

Mr. Nick was with me for a few days while his mom was off having fun in NH with family. Sue texted me yesterday at 3:30 pm saying she'd be here between 4 and 5:00. As dog owners, one will often hear a story of "my (insert dog/cat name here) knew she/he was going to the (insert place here, i.e., the vet.) and as animal owners, we are always baffled. 

Well, Nick's ESP was right on yesterday. Shortly after Sue texted me, Nick laid in this position at the door. The only thing that would take him away from it was dinner, because he loves to eat. He then went back to this position until Sue arrived around 5pm. He would not budge from this spot. It was the darndest thing. 

When momma entered the house, he then stood pointing his nose at the door as we chatted. What a pip. 

Little Bug finally figured he was an OK kinda guy yesterday -- she ran up to him, barked, then ran fast in a big circle, trying to get him to play. He just looked at her nonplussed as she did this about 5 times before giving up on him and coming to the back door. 

I'm thinking I might need to get her a playmate. I keep reminding myself that if it's meant to be, one will come knocking on my know...figuritively. :)